This astounding book manages to cover the full scope of history from a spiritual perspective, from the very early forms of planetary life through Atlantis, Pharonic Egypt, Ancient Greece right up to the present day. It
reveals the awkward truth about the black races, and gives the facts about the life of King Arthur. It explores new concepts of good and evil in such a convincing way, that any religion hoping to survive should urgently consider them. It delves into the esoteric life of Jesus and it explains the purpose of the Earth mother, Gaia. It looks at genetic engineering and global warming.
The list is endless, but it is in no way superficial. By the end of the book you will have the feeling that you understand what the Divine Creator has had in mind for the universe and each individual on it. You will see how all the disparate strands of evolution have an integrated purpose that is coming together right now as we prepare for 2012, without yet having ensouled those vital spiritual qualities unconditional love, forgiveness and respect.
The aspirations of the spirit of mankind are laid starkly alongside the current reality. It is an optimistic book, yet it does not shirk a clear appraisal of our short-comings. No serious student of the true purpose of human existence should miss out on these revelatory teachings.

ISBN 9 781873 545058 240pp